Choose a practice which suits you the best


Vinyasa yoga is practiced by linking breath and movement, connecting each asana (yoga pose) with smooth transitions.

In this practice, we will begin with pranayama, build heat in the body through vinyasa yoga and then cool down with yin yoga.

Yin is a restorative style of yoga, focused on holding asana for a longer period of time, usually between 3-5 minutes.

Experience the best of both worlds in this practice!


A fluid yoga practice: beginning with pranayama (breathing techniques), we will then flow between yoga postures in a dance like sequence (similar to vinyasa), closing with ecstatic dance.

Ecstatic dance allows us to connect to the rhythm of the music and move our bodies freely. Excellent for releasing tension from our bodies and minds.

An uplifting practice which will connect you deeply to your being! 

You are welcome to hang around afterwards for a cup of herbal tea, to connect with like-minded people.


Vinyasa or Yin Yoga practice specially designed for you.

Personalised and small group vinyasa and yin yoga practice, created for you or for you to share with a small group of friends.

Private class (one on one) $60

Small group class (2-4 people) $100

Perfect if you wish to develop your practice and refine technique for particular asana (poses) or to build confidence in your yoga practice.

Events also available (corporate, weekends with friends, retreats) Price upon enquiry. Contact 0422 944 298 or email for more infomration or to book.