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Choose a practice which suits you the best


An uplifting vinyasa yoga practice, focusing on connecting breath with movement.
Think fluid movements, strengthening and lengthening your muscles, to create space in your body and mind.
With easy to follow cues this class offers variations for all levels, while working to improve strength, fitness, flexibility and balance.
Some yoga experience will be helpful for this class.


A combination of yin yoga postures and self-massage techniques to release tension through the fascia (connective tissue) surrounding your muscles.
This practice involves using a small ball to target fascial lines to relieve tightness, increase mobility, and encourage healthy muscle and tissue functionality.
This class is suitable for everyone.


A 4-week program for girls aged 12-18.

Designed especially for teenage girls, we will learn how to practice yoga as a lifestyle.

We will explore the physical element (asana) to build strength and improve flexibility, the emotional element (how to manage stress, regulate emotions, and create a clear and calm mind) and the spiritual element (how to connect deeper with our self, engage in self-care rituals and find joy in what you do everyday).

Share in 4 weeks of yoga love and feel inspired to continue your yoga journey!

*This class requires a minimum of 6 girls to go ahead


Vinyasa or Yin Yoga practice specially designed for you.

Personalised and small group vinyasa and yin yoga practice, created for you or for you to share with a small group of friends.

Private class (one on one) $60

Small group class (2-4 people) $100

Perfect if you wish to develop your practice and refine technique for particular asana (poses) or to build confidence in your yoga practice.

Events also available (corporate, weekends with friends, retreats) Price upon enquiry. Contact 0422 944 298 or email for more infomration or to book.

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